Beneath the Purpose

We can discover our Purpose by recognizing who we don’t want be, which is that person buried beneath the constant pressures of life and circumstances, struggling with Struggle.

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Darnell Brown
Why I Wrote My First Book In 10 Days

Friends. Family. Strangers. People have been telling me for years that I should write a book. Years! Not even on any particular topic either, just that because they felt I was articulate and talked so much, that I needed to put it all in a place they could refer to easily. A place that would make it more shareable for them. And something I could autograph for them in case I ever made it big and that signature made the book triple in value.

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Why the Empathy Business Is the Only Business That Matters

To build things that matter to the masses, or even a tribe of a few hundred, we must start with a single person in mind: the you in your audience. When you care, I mean really care, about sharing with someone out there the stuff you’re staying up late at night mulling over, something special is present and it’s organic. It finds us, we needn’t worry about finding it.

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