Ep 14: 10 Things Designers Are Better At Than Artists

It's about that time for the companion piece to my last post entitled 10 Reasons Artists Are More Awesome Than Designers. (Hopefully not too many feathers were ruffled in the process.) Do keep in mind that I've been called both an artist and a designer. With one foot firmly planted on both grounds, it's only fair to play devil's advocate on this subject. Though I love being an artist, no one can deny the wonderful benefits one gets from being a designer. Let's dive right into 10 reasons why designers rule:

1. Exposure

  • Designers find innovative ways to get their work in front of eyes - the objective is for their work to be seen.
  • Artists are more traditional in their approach of publicizing their work and less concerned with whether anyone sees it.

2. Monetization

  • Designers, by having larger exposure, gain more opportunities to get paid for their efforts.
  • Artists infamously struggle with finding ways to sell their art (and whether they should).

3. Collaboration

  • Designers understand the value of working with other designers, teams or groups on a common creative solution.
  • (Most) Artists prefer quieter, isolated settings and dance to their own drum beat.

4. Fulfillment

  • Designers are driven by purpose and are at their best when they create with a clear purpose in mind.
  • Artists are fueled by expression and emotion - the intent of a work of art is powered by what is within.

5. Agility

  • Designers are keen on developing a wide array of skills, allowing them to be agile in an ever-changing industry.
  • Artists are much more stylistic and specific - you know the work of Dali and you know the work of Michelangelo.

6. Diversification

  • Designers expand their brand beyond the niche they started in to gain better opportunities.
  • Artists are more 'take it or leave it' and will diversify when they're good and well ready.

7. Restraint

  • Designers can do their best work under extreme limitations and deadlines.
  • Artists see the concept of time as an after-thought and whatever they're working on will be done when it's done.

8. Stability

  • Designers' resourcefulness and agility allow them to have more solid careers over longer periods of time.
  • Artists have many a peak and valley since art is more of a novelty than necessity.

9. Absolution

  • The impact and value of a designer's work can be measured by quantifiable evidence; there's a stronger level of objectivity.
  • Great art is great art with no real rhyme or reason, it's hit or miss, it is or it ain't; there's a stronger level of subjectivity.

10. Response

  • Designers are primarily here to find creative ways to brand and market entities. Designers respond to the demands of solving problems.
  • Artists initiate the conversation and provoke thought. People respond to Artists based on their output.

My goal here was to illustrate and celebrate the interesting differences between the two parties. I've found that neither is better than the other, it's more about carving your place in this world and finding where you are most valuable. Do you know of someone who fits one of these profiles more than the other? Have you witnessed some cross-pollination? Know some fine designers or graphic artists? Be sure to check out my previous post to get the full spectrum of this 2-part topic. Thanks for reading.