Ep 3: Leverage Your Resources to Fire Your Desire

My last post had a note in it about using the resources already in your circumference - to move forward with creating new opportunities for yourself and/or business. In this episode, I share with you a couple of tips to keep in mind as you utilize your current resources to achieve greater results.

Tip 1: View Your Negatives As Positives

As designers working for ad agencies and the like, we probably are most constantly challenged by deadlines and restraints. We sometimes don't have enough time to fully explore our ideas before it's time to hit 'publish'. But it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom.

Deadlines and restraint are actually very beneficial resources that exist to test our grit as artists. Target dates ensure that we come to the table with something that is at the least, highly acceptable. They also help us not overspend time on getting everything pixel perfect!

Restraint (sometimes thought of as 'restrictions') can make us feel like we're being boxed into a tiny container, but it can also produce new synapses in our minds for creative problem-solving that we might not have otherwise explored. In fact, it's arguably one of the greatest resources a designer can have. When we're given too much autonomy and open-ended timelines, we could go on for weeks on end just doodling away - loddy doddy.

Tip 2: You've Got Wood & Oxygen, Now Go Make a Fire

Don't be defined by the tools in your arsenal. Instead, let your raw skills define you. Great designers are more than just the sum of their parts. I could have the entire Adobe CC suite, two 27" iMacs, blazing internet speed and an ecommerce site to build - doesn't mean the end product will be any good. The fancy bells and whistles should help enhance your creativity, not mask it.

Strip away the luxury and focus on doing more with less. Work with exactly all that you've got right this second and see how far your talent and experience can get you. If your machine and software are outdated, don't worry, you still could do wonders with these tools + your expertise - trust me. You've got the wood and oxygen, add your grit to the equation and go make a fire to provide light, heat and a finger-lickin' meal.

Tip 3: No Better Time Than Now

On Fridays, I check out the newsletter digests I'm subscribed to. Not only do I enjoy just the great content itself nicely summed up and curated for me, but I'm always shocked at how much is out there that I had no idea existed.

The tools in particular that exist for graphic, web and UI designers nowadays are astonishing and are lightyears beyond what existed 10 years ago. So many assets are given away for free and the ones that do cost are absolutely worth every penny - especially if you're all about saving time. I've stumbled upon maybe like 15 tools* and/or hubs that just has loads of this stuff and even with the microcosm I know about, I haven't even scratched the surface to all of the fantastic work other designers have done to aid our productivity.

I recommend spending just 10 minutes a day scouring the internet for graphic assets, tips and tricks you could be stocking for future projects. You don't need to be creating every single graphic yourself these days - leverage the help of others who are much better fitted for the things you hate doing anyway.

So there you have it - 3 quick tips on how to think of and use the resources around you to help lead to better-than-expected outcomes. May these principles leverage your resources to help fire your desires!

*I will link to the tools I've found great value in, in a subsequent post or newsletter. If you'd rather know them now, I'm happy to provide them, just ping me! Thanks for your patience.