Ep 5: The Power of Undeniability

When you are undeniable, you become recognized as nothing short of a force of nature. A force to be reckoned with. A force that is taken seriously. This is a place of great power, but also great responsibility. (Gotta love the timelessness of that Uncle Ben quote.) Ask yourself, are you prepared to do what it takes to become undeniable?

This space is only reserved for the square pegs, the out-thinkers, the dedicators. It's a destination and a journey; a constant flux. We can't be a part of it without some drastic changes in our behaviors, actions, perceptions and schedules. With more stimuli in this world now than ever before, we've got to get back to the essence of child-like curiosity and experimentation by minimizing distractions - and notifications!

I think that at our core, we are more. And more importantly - we are capable of more. The world needs more producers make great things - we shouldn't settle on just being consumers. And as artists, craftsmen, content-creators - why would we settle for putting out anything less than attempts at greatness? Our duty is to impact the world, to document history, to share our gifts. So why have we became deniable?

Maybe it's complacency. Maybe we're spoiled rotten. Though I think if we turn down for a moment, we can see that each of us of are destined for something fueled by a passion deep within.

If we can identify our soul prints, we can harness them to great leverage and become unmistakable forces.

There are several great examples of undeniable folks, companies, products and services. I don't believe we are only meant to absorb and consume their undeniability. I believe we are also meant to be inspired by their brilliance - to research their roadmaps, learn from their failures, discover why simply being good is not good enough. A younger generation will search for guidance in our achievements that we make now. So we've got to make them count.

Within the flux of grasping true greatness, we are braver, more alive, more fulfilled than we could have ever imagined. When we're undeniable, we're unmistakable and we're irreplaceable. We have the power to raise awareness, move mountains, and dent the universe.

Conversely, to get there, our circles will change, so some people will be left behind. We'll quit jobs and employers will miss us. We'll start throwing things at the wall (to see what sticks, not because we're enraged, though that's possible too) and being questioned for it. But no matter what, people will feel something and that means we're impressionable.

I urge you to embrace your wobble.

It's your individuality and no one can beat you at that. Be fearless and focused. Lessen the noise. Increase your productivity, skill and output by decreasing your attention on emails, media, and negativity. Exercise and meditation are tremendous kick-starters for both finding your true soul print and sharing it. I believe in you and I'm here to help. With togetherness - for the betterment of our lives and following generations - attaining greatness is at the least, possible and at best, inevitable. Only then, can we absolutely wield the power of undeniability.

You with me?