Ep 6: Embrace Your Wobble

It's ok to be weird. To be misunderstood. To be different. People might laugh and ridicule you, but you know what, by accepting your individuality and living by it, you are fearless, and we all always end up admiring the brave ones.

The majority of people around you are perfectly content with conformity and following the status quo - it's sad, but it's true. But if you're reading this, chances are, you're not wholly of that crowd or you might be trying to make a change. A transition back into your honest wobble of your younger years, when you were your absolute truest self.

Some of us already know our wobbles, but have chosen to suppress them to fit in.

Some of us have lost our wobbles in the web of the craziness of life. Some of us don't know what makes us different, because we don't know what we're passionate about.

But the cool thing is, your wobble is simply you at your most honest core - and that's it! It's not rocket science - this one. If you don't know what your wobble is, how can you know who you really are? Without an identity, you are anonymous, and not in the good way. But you have an identity, you are not anonymous and you are not a robot. Your wobble is there - always has been and always will be - you've just gotta unlock it before you can embrace it and leverage it.

So how do you unlock your wobble?

It starts with being at peace with and loving yourself like it ain't nobody's business - because it ain't! You've got to start with getting back to the basics - reminiscing upon your happiest memories, thinking about what fuels you, how you'd feel if you led a no b.s. life, etc. Then chronicle these ideas and thoughts regularly, build upon them and eventually you'll find your solace. You'll feel it yearning underneath to be reborn.

The real power lies with wielding the advantageousness of your wobble. And boy, do we admire that. We become moths to your light - swept up in your hypnotic haze. We tend to give a shit about the people who don't give a shit. Not because they're brash, but because they've done something incredible with their wobble - and they did it unapologetically.

Too often we are seeking an impossible perfection in all aspects of life.

That's a dead end street. Let's instead aim for a more harmonious livelihood where we can all be wobblers and thrive. A life where we are all craftsmen, making societies more fulfilled, because we are all artists deep within anyway. Sound too far-fetched? Here's to wishing.

Your wobble is what makes you, you. It's comprised of your imperfections, your passions, and your soul print. No two of us are alike, so we shouldn't pretend we are. Everyone's wobble is radically different from one another. It's everlasting, fallible, and is absolute truth - and we define it each day we wake up and live. I'm just saying embrace it and wear it proudly. Just be you and do you. Then go make the very best out of your wobble. You've got a cheerleader for life in me.

How do you feel about your wobble?