Ep 9: 3 Universal Hacks to Jolt Your Productivity

For all of us creatives worldwide, the millions of hours we put into our work can easily become saturated with inertia due to unbalanced, unhealthy lifestyles. To minimize this happening to myself and colleagues, I've personally been on a quest to develop a very scalable and universal set of productivity hacks that could work for the everyman. The through-line seems to revolve around balance and habits.  Here are 3 universal hacks that will help jolt and maintain a substantial yield of output for virtually any type of project you're working on.

1. Sleep

Let's face it, getting a good night's sleep is no easy feat in today's world. Our surroundings demand more of us and a bad sleep will have us cranky all day. If you're a content creator especially, you're likely not getting enough sleep consistently. You have unpredictable hours of operation that fluctuate and calm dependent on factors beyond your control. Plus you're never really 'off the clock' because you're constantly researching, visualizing, and being inspired by the environments your in.

You can balance this onslaught of stimuli with a surplus of refuel by simply getting a good sleep every night. For me, this translates to an earlier bedtime for an earlier-than-most wake-time. For others, getting to bed by midnight is a blessing, and that's cool too, just be consistent so that your body and mind develop that habit.

The hour you go to bed at is less important than the number of hours of sleep you get each night. Researchers have for years determined that 8 hours of sleep nightly is the sweet spot - I can attest to that. Now I know, most people have a number of reasons why they can't get that much sleep, but I guarantee that if you really observe what you're doing with your other 16 hours each day, you'll find that you have more down-time than you think.

A better, healthier sleeping schedule is a byproduct of maximizing your productivity (in anything) during your waking hours. And when your sleeping goes from ritual to habitual, the other 16 hours of your day provide you with more focus, more clarity, and more energy to bring your A-game.

2. Diet

What we choose to eat and drink daily is still one of the only things in life that we have nearly absolute control over. Day in and day out, we are bombarded with unhealthy consumption choices. I won't go into super-depth about what you should and should not be consuming because that isn't the point of this post. However, you probably do know that there is a better way of dieting and the tastier choice isn't always the healthier choice.

With that said, it is scientifically proven that we should be consuming a more whole-foods, plant-based diet. More fruits and veggies. Less dairy, meats, and processed food, guys. You'll feel lighter and less guilty! You'll also feel more energetic, so you'll naturally get more done.

Link up with a nutritionist to customize a meal plan, outline goals, and to figure out what you need more and less of. And yes, a firm diet can be very tasty - but more importantly, for increased productivity, you've got to have razor-sharp focus and dieting plays a huge role in that. Not only what you eat, but when you eat what you eat plays a dramatic role too. Food should energize you, not put you to sleep! Remember, the point is to jolt your productivity, not inhibit it.

Food is fuel. Don't know about you, but if I can produce content more efficiently, plus look good and feel great everyday, I'd choose that every time. Give me the long-lasting, premium fuel, not that diluted junk that will just get me to the next destination. Put the best stuff in to get the best stuff out.

3. Exercise

Every single day, we should all be breaking a sweat at least once a day because of stretching, dancing, walking, jogging, lifting, running, cycling, etc. Take a break and catch some fresh air. And since we can walk and chew gum at the same time, most exercises come naturally and likely don't demand the bulk of our attention.

While working out, you can plow through emails. You can read a book or magazine. You can listen to a business podcast or watch a presentation - fantastic possibilities. Yet, it's so easy to lose sight of the importance of a good exercise and we can go days without thinking twice about it. Like consistent sleep and a great diet, exercise is an essential part of energy renewal.

Gyms and clubs are great motivators for exercise, just also be sure to go outside and experience natural air too with your workouts. Soak in some sun and fresh breezes! Your productivity and focus will dry up without exercise - it's both a break from work and a kick-starter to yield better output.

The other cool thing about exercise is it's highly contagious and rather easy to find a workout partner who will inspire and help you. Find an active community and I promise you'll be influenced to exercise more. There are usually little pockets of town in most cites where workout groups are thriving and bringing joy to neighborhoods. If you're the type that needs accountability, I strongly recommend joining one.

So let's recap.

Consistent Sleep. Consistent Diet. Consistent Exercise. 3 timeless productivity triggers that will work for anyone anywhere doing anything. But you can't slack on one and be great at the others. Think of them as a trifecta and once you have all three balanced to fit your lifestyle and habits, you can be a powerhouse of fruitfulness. With your body and mind operating at peak performance, only then can you consistently create peak output. Maximize these hacks and you will jolt your productivity.

Darnell Brown