Ep 1: First of a New Breed

Trying to convince the world that you're much more than meets than eye is challenging. You play nice. You finish grade school with flying colors. You follow the rules to achieve The American Dream.

Essentially - you conform to the programming you were instilled with as a child. These ideals were taught to you by your parents - taught to them by their parents - taught to their parents by their parents and so forth.

A day comes along when you realize, you've really been hustling backwards.

When you realize those systems of thinking are broken and outdated. That you've been wasting time working hard at leading a totally scripted, insubstantial life.

So then, you set out on a course crested in gaining freedom, time, and ownership of your work. You freelance your way into making a name for yourself as a designer and an artist. Clients quickly recognize your talent. They respect you. They come to depend on you. You're loved.

Yet - you're still treated as though you're expendable. When you demand a raise for your growing skills, you're scoffed at. When you insist that your expertise has value, they feel they know better than you because they're paying you. When you tell them that fast and cheap comes at the expense of excellence, they want an outstanding logo done in the next 48 hours.

And they don't care about your personal goals. They don't care about your family or friends. They don't care that you've put your business on the back burner in exchange for helping them get theirs off the ground. They only care about paying you what they think is fair for services rendered. Nothing more, nothing less.

When did the value of a branding expert amount to nothing more than that of an easily replaceable, clip art-ist for hire? Was is it when the floodgates overseas opened with people willing to work remotely for pennies on the dollar? Was is it when everybody and their mommas became designers overnight? Was it when stock art and website themes became fast food - diluting the merit of customized work?

Perhaps the real reason is irrelevant now. What matters is where you go from here.

There are people out there who would kill to be as talented and diverse as you are. People who would give anything to have your drive, your dedication, your desire to achieve greater things. People who need you to imagine new things, illustrate them practically, and inspire them to be better. There's more to offer the world than the handful of clients you serve.

And so, an entirely new journey must begin. Lines will be crossed. Ties will be broken. Doubters will be left. Every big adventure into the wilderness starts this way. As you get lost and backtrack a little, with each step you learn something new. The destination becomes a process of exploration. You'll learn how to build a tent, how to gather food, and most importantly, you'll meet others like you on the many paths inside of this ever-expanding forest.

The funny thing is, you'll realize that this is precisely the place you'll feel most at home - the place you've belonged all your life. Where creativity is embraced. Where spontaneity is appreciated. Where square pegs are happy they don't fit in round holes. You were bred for this. You were meant to be amongst the first of a new breed.

Hello, World. Welcome to my public journal - comments and feedback are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Yep!