Bulletproof Hustle (formerly known as Nelly Bloom)


Bloomers, it’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you… without a dope shirt to step to…🕺🏻⠀

Autopilot Time has came to an end. And now’s the time for new beginnings. Nelly Bloom is being merged into my brand coaching, consulting and speaking practice. I’ve decided to simply call this new brand Bulletproof Hustle. Why? Because I’m terrible at not getting bored of business names, so perhaps this is another temporary one. 😆And it just seems to fit. For now anyway.⠀

Furthermore, this is an evolution, yet simplification of the missions of both businesses, since they’re very similar. It’s just that the energy required to operate them both is substantial, so I figured it would be better to harvest the best of Nelly Bloom and place those shirts into the product line-up of my personal brand, right in there with the books and upcoming audios, workshops and programs. After all, when I’m at events speaking, people are always curious about the shirts I wear. Now the branding will be all-encompassing. ⠀

Gratefully, Nelly Bloom is still super-tiny, so this shift isn’t life-changing nor consequential in the bigger picture. We stand for transformation and creativity, so it’s more than a name. I hope people are on board with the switch and that the Bulletproof Hustle name doesn’t come off as offensively aggressive.🤔 Many like it, but I know not everyone will, which is just how it goes, right?⠀

Lastly, what this means for Nelly Bloom as a company is that our efforts will be concentrated on more mindful product choices, providing more whimsical service and nixing the attic in favor of the closet. In other words, better shirts, better service and best-sellers. 🙌🏽 Be on the lookout for new shirts too, as new quotes are always on horizon.⠀

Thanks for your support thus far, today and in the future. I hope you will stay with us and we look forward to serving you. Like a baseball pitcher!⚾️

Darnell Brown