Ep 2: Why You Should Be Glad You Got Laid Off

So you've been (unhappily) working at your day-to-day for the last 10+ years. You hate it, but it pays the bills and keeps you secure at night - so you've remained. Several years ago, your boss promised you unfulfilled promotions and career advancement - yet you've remained. You were supposed to quit that job 2 weeks in, when you realized it wasn't the place you could see yourself 10 years later - still, you remain.

But lately, the numbers haven't been looking too well for your higher-ups, so your Supe decides to start trimming the fat around the building to cut expenses. Inevitably, this unfortunate news soon makes its way to your cubicle and next thing you know, just like that, you're laid off. Indefinitely. 

This is one of the greatest things that could've happened to you.

Your conscious mind is like: 'Wait...what? Holy crap! I'm ruined, I've got to find another job."

Your subconscious mind is like: "Hooray! Blow the trumpets! Crack a bottle! I finally get to do my thing now!"

Your presumed mid-life crisis has given birth to your 2nd Childhood. Your defining moment is finally here. Time to lose yourself in it, but also find yourself out of it.

Have you forgotten how much you hated that job anyway? Have you lost your youthful vibrancy - those younger years when you were so curious and creative? Were you happy living a rather monotonous, insubstantial life? Of course not! Even at it's worst, something like this has given that emptiness you've felt in your soul a much-needed jolt of excitement.

Sometimes, we need dramatic examples to be shaken out of apathy. A problem is merely an opportunity in disguise. An opportunity to discover something in us we never knew was there. An opportunity to get back to that awesome haven you had as a kid. An opportunity where we get to fight or fly.

Your back's against the ropes - but are you going to go down for the count? Hell no! You can't afford to. So what do you do then?

You get supercalifragilistically creative.

Go hard or you won't even be able to go home. Now's the time to be unapologetically resourceful. Plus I know that job was not the only thing you're good at. C'mon. And if it is the only thing (you think) you're good at and there's a demand for it - well that's a business right there. You have a gift that you've either been using to make others wealthier and/or a gift that you've yet to truly utilize. And it's going to unveil itself to you now more than ever - that's the beautiful thing. That killer survival instinct is now in full throttle, baby!

Only you know your true unfair advantage; the one thing that everyone you know comes to you for guidance on. A lifetime ago, you were unmistakably good at something. We were all born imprinted with a unique signature that responds to and makes sense out of the world we live in. This yielded the driving force behind what you became passionate about. Even if as a child, all you did was make a mess of things - there's a market for that too!

There's a niche for virtually anything.

One day, I ran across some dude that made a business out of selling trash. He travels around the country collecting waste, boxing unwanted or lost items in nice, clear plastic boxes labeling them things like 'Garbage from New York,' Garbage from Chicago' and selling them to people as desktop collectibles - true story. See - told you there's a niche for nearly anything.

Don't let your knee-jerk reaction be that of simply finding a new job to keep your head above water. Instead, use the resources you've had at your disposal all this time to empower you to create a better life for yourself and for others. That will mean getting thrown out of your safety net. That will mean doing things that will first feel uncomfortable. That will mean people calling you crazy because it won't compute for them.

But it also means you'll ultimately be a happier person for having risen from the ashes like a phoenix. For having realized you've always had all that you ever needed to have left that job ages ago and on your own terms. For having made something everlasting for yourself (and your family) because although you were scared, you jumped into the unknown anyway.

This is why I'm glad you got laid off and soon you'll be too. I believe you're a million times more than that old job of yours. I'm looking forward to reading about your new journey. Now go write it!