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I’m Darnell Brown, seasoned Brand Strategist & Founder of Bulletproof Hustle. I help creative professionals and businesses unpack their core strengths, transfer value to their audiences, and bulletproof their brands. No excuses. Just results. You are your greatest obstacle. Not your sales strategy. Not your product or service. Not a lack of funding. Let’s work together and get you out of your own way so that that thing you’ve been itching to share with the world reaches and surpasses its potential. Glad to have you here.

Bulletproof Hustle Podcast

Non-Negotiable in my Podcast Line-Up. Add this Podcast to your rotation! Darnell has a great voice for motivation and leadership, both literally and figuratively. He’s smart, relatable, insightful, and approachable. If you like motivation, leadership, and personal development Podcasts, this will quickly become a must for you, too. The perfect balance of thought-provoking and easy-listening from a fresh voice you need to hear.
— Allie Bittner, Founder of Kiss Creative


The Bulletproof Hustler

It’s so special to find books that speak directly to you in every way. This book is such an easy/quick read but stays with you for a lifetime. Modern day motivational speaking with a combo/vibe of Gary V., Tony R. and Wayne D. of our time. Well written and would recommend to anyone who is looking for that push to succeed.
— Amanda Berger, Co-Founder of GloBody, Inc.