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Creative Pros

Such as... Penny, 34, is a self-taught graphic designer who’s married to a financial analyst with a daughter in pre-school. She enjoys her status as a successful freelancer, but hasn’t been doing much of her true passion: photography. As her own employee, she also has to handle accounting, billing, taxes, and other administrative tasks - which suck the energy out of her workday. Though she earns a nice living with disposable income and high-paying clients, she feels stuck in a cycle of doing tasks she hates, working too many hours a week, and spending too little time with her family.

Her dreams of becoming a photographer and traveling the world to shoot landscapes and weddings start to escape her. Penny knows she’s denying herself, but lacks the clarity on how to create the life she wishes to have. Plus, those steady paychecks have spoiled her. The freedom to seize her passion and become creatively fulfilled dies a little more each day, which brings her unhappiness.

Penny’s biggest hurdle is escaping the complacency her income and stable roster of clients bring - which keep her from being the best mom, wife, and creative she can be. She desperately needs a catalyst to shake her out of this predicament, so that she can scratch that itch, live the dream, and set the example for her daughter. Her story continues with The Six Pillars of Bulletproof Brand Equity.

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Young Businesses

Summation: realizes that integrity and dedication to their products and customers are most important for their business, after a very successful, but reactive 1st year in business.

Such as...  Dino Soaps is a young start-up that sells eco-friendly body soap-as-a-service. A recent commercial they produced went viral after it caught the attention of a major celebrity who shouted them out, which instantly catapulted their brand into hundreds of thousands of households.

However, because they were underprepared for the surge of awareness they received from their viral video, they had to hire extra hands without fully vetting candidates to speed up production of their soaps. Stress and overwhelmed plagued Dino Soaps. They eventually caught up with demand, but at the cost of fatigue, excellence, and attention. Then came a decline in memberships during their second year of business, as customers began bouncing after the trial period finished.

After learning their lesson from failing to scale their business, they now want to do things completely differently. They lost the faith of their early supporters by treating them with little attention and not rewarding them for their loyalty. They also forgot what made them special: integrity and a dedication to its products and its customers, things they now realize are paramount in the current business climate. 

With sales on a slow, but steady decline, a change is necessary if they hope to revitalize their brand and win the trust of their customers again. They know what they need to do, but they are unsure of how to do it. Dino Soaps is now ready to invest in the betterment of their business - seeking a specialist to holistically guide them towards consumer-centric purpose and an increase in sales. Their story continues with the aid of Bulletproof Hustle.

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