Ep 17: 6 Ways to Tell If You're Unemployable

I'm rather unemployable - yep. I'm partner-able, colleague-able, contractor-able, sharable, learnable, likable, and growable....I'm just not employable. And it doesn't mean you're a self-centered prick, but it might mean you have a polarizing personality. Those like myself don't work well within corporate structures, micro-management contexts, and cubicles like the ones in Office Space. We are compelled to unleash our individuality, to go against the grain, to shift the paradigm - and don't like people telling us what we can and cannot do (yucky!). The Unemployables can go on to achieve great feats, build empires, create works of art - but only with the joined efforts of those who are employable. The sooner one can notice how employable they are, the better off their career decisions will be going forward. I recognized how unemployable I was at age 24. Six years later, after many projects and relationships, I reflect on what I've learned since then. So I've came up with 6 ways to tell if you're unemployable too:

1. You are an expressionist. 

You are a one of one. None were exactly like you before. None will be exactly like you afterward. The most vivid carnation of your individuality showed itself during your childhood years. If you found yourself expressing your identity that didn't conform with the times, class, or structures of that period, you likely felt liberated, enthusiastic, and awesome - even if you alienated people. There were things and subjects you were naturally drawn to that helped shaped your individuality, making you feel more alive. Unemployables are extremely expressive, and not always verbally. Could be artistically, physically or viscerally. And finding a job that can harness your precise expression style ain't easy-peasy.

2. You are B.S. intolerant.

Unemployables have no time for around-the-bush beating - they're straight-shooters. You won't waste people's time, so you expect others not to waste yours - you've got a million other things you could be doing. Besides your respect for your own time and others', you have even less tolerance for situations and jobs that don't advance your life's mission(s). So you might've spent a good deal of your life hopscotching through careers or being a serial entrepreneur to land upon the most refined idea. You reserve your tolerance to fuel all the opposition you're facing in an increasingly complex world.  

3. Endurance is your calling card.

One of the most powerful assets an Unemployable has in their corner is their ability to endure. Your ability to train yourself and become that rose in the concrete. Endurance is at the cornerstone of unveiling the advantages your unemployability can bring you: creativity, stamina, growth, wit, attraction, etc. This also ensures Unemployables are untethered by obstacles, for they learn from them, break them down and adapt to the new ones. They are chameleons. They outpace the competition. They overcome the objections.

4. You are a disciple of discipline.

Giving up the Friday night with friends for the Saturday morning sharpening your skills is commonplace for the Unemployable mindset. You have very ambitious regimens and could be quite behind after navigating through many affairs that were not advantageous to your calling. You can't afford on waiting for someone to hire you - you're unemployable after all. Faltering isn't an option, so you direct yourself to find a career that is more fitting of your gifts or you create your own niche entirely. That choice is in your hands, but neither will happen without a rigorous discipline.

5. You have absolute clarity on who you are.

Once you're clear on where you fall on the employability spectrum, the quicker you can get on with the show. Who you are at your happiest and most valuable is evidenced many times throughout the course of your work-life. Failures are nothing but feedback to the Unemployables and alike. If failure doesn't exist in your vernacular, and everything is a form of feedback, then you're always in a perpetual state of learning, growth, and change. Paradoxically, out of your unemployability comes the opportunity for you to create jobs for others. We all are helping one another in some way. Same coin. Two sides.

6. You are a polarizing figure.

You make people happy. You piss people off. They love you. They hate you. But they can't ignore you. You're simply too good at what you do - you fascinate. This is the Unemployable at their best. Even for all the good energy you put out, it's inevitably impossible to try and please everyone. At your worst, you're unnoticed, inconsequential, and unnecessary. This only happens if you compromise your polarity too much. Otherwise, you're strong for embracing this fact and brave for deciding to make something out of it; always a polarizing feat.

And there you have it. Not quite the article you expected, right? Yeah, I guess I'm referring to a different breed of Unemployable. The one who actually plays well with others. The one is vocal and authoritative, yet respectful and approachable. The one who is unemployable simply because he can't be contained. Maybe it's the only type of Unemployable I know. 

For many, it will always be an uphill battle, but that doesn't mean it's without its merits. Realizing these 6 ways in which you're different are meant to confirm what you might've already knew. The world has room for it and could be a better place because of it. Perhaps no one's hiring you because you're supposed to hire yourself.

Are you unemployable? Do you know someone who is?