Intentions Over Resolutions

Resolutions. Meh.

Intentions. Now we're talking.

If resolutions are goalposts, checkpoints and destinations, then intentions are the roadmaps, processes and journeys getting you from A to Z. What if instead of making resolutions each year, we backed up and defined our intentions first? More specifically, our intentions serving a theme for the year ahead. It's often said that the life is all about the journey, not the destination and if we frame things in that light, our intentions could be full of adventurous, scary, enlightening experiences; all leading towards a primary theme or ideal that resonates with you.

Resolutions can sometimes feel too convenient, especially around this time of the year. It's like they're too broad and superficial. Intentions feel more personal, intimate; like they come from a soul-lular place. Plus 'I intend to...' is actionable and lands like a powerful punch. Bam!

This past weekend, during my first ever official public speaking event, I challenged the attendees to outline a single small intention, that they should've done yesterday, that they would finally complete by the following day. Something finite and feasible, like helping a friend shape up their resume or taking a colleague out to lunch. Or even the intent to define their intentions. To write it down, say it aloud and knock it out. Because it starts with that first step and celebrating it afterward.

For my money, it's imagination over intelligence. Action over ideas. Intentions over resolutions.

What do you intend to do in 2017, and surrounding which theme?